Fluid kiteboarding Public secrets on the loose with Gilion Fluid kiteboarding

Fluid kiteboarding's update with Gilion


A year has passed after the massive changes for Fluid kiteboarding. We’ll be looking back at all changes with Gilion and we will be looking into the future.

First things first, how is everything going?
Everything is going well and very busy! 2021 was a huge gamble to see if the public would accept and appreciate all the changes we’ve made. A new look and feel for a brand is a huge thing. But It’s been an amazing season!  Even with all the supply issues for all brands in the market. I think we’ve done very well and feedback has been amazing. I’m also very stoked with our new teamrider(s) and all that they have been doing for Fluid kiteboarding.

What can we expect for 2022-2023?
It’s a public secret that we are working on another kite model named AIR as mentioned last year . It’s taking a bit longer than expected but we are getting closer every day with the production model.  The SKY is such a good kite with a true WOW factor. I want the AIR to have the exact same thing or it won’t be put out to the market. I’m pretty sure its just a matter of months now before we can get it on the market.  Of course that’s not the only thing I’m working on but for sure it’s probably the biggest thing.
I’m also expecting to expand our kiteteam on local/national and international level. But to do this I feel that we need the new kite ready first.  Markos and myself are ambassadors for the SKY.  It fits our riding style with loads of stylish rotations, boardoffs and hangtime.
Also I’m sure we will be starting more co-operations as we’ve done in the past year for media and customer service.


Markos psaltakis on the Fluid kiteboarding XTR



Will the AIR model replace the SKY or will there be a SKY v5?
It’s a question frequently asked.  For sure I can tell you the new model will NOT replace the SKY. It will be positioned next to the SKY v4 in the line up.  There is also no plan for 2022 to replace the SKY to a v5 model. It feels like we’ve just launched the SKY v4 and the world is still discovering this amazing model.

Are we going to see any Fluid kiteboarding gear in competitions?
About this I’m still not sure. The kitescene is definitely moving towards big air. Exactly the part we are strong in right now. But to be honest competition at this stage is for the riders. It’s great to see riders pushing it in competitions around the world.  I prefer to be more accessible to the public and not have gear in competition than the other way around.

For now we’re focusing on social media and real world exposure. Although it could be that you’ll see it appearing somewhere in comp this year.


Gilion changing something on the AIR prototype



What’s your favorite kitemoment of 2021?

that a hard question to answer!  I’m pretty stoked about signing a Markos and having some sessions with friends in Greece. I can’t really pick just 1 moment that stood out. I haven’t kited as much as I wanted and ofcourse covid was still among us giving the world a hard time.
Maybe I’m just happy that 2021 passed and we’ve done better than ever.
for 2022 it’s easy -> looping to the left 

Haha, yeah for me looping left foot forward has always been a bit of a struggle. Right foot forward I can do whatever..  Left on the other hand needs a bit / a lot of work.
Great thing you never stop learning with kitesurfing, as long as you push yourself that is.

Any last words?


Watch this space and follow all progress on the Fluid kiteboarding Social media pages! 


Gilion Fluid kiteboarding looping to the left


Any last words?


Watch this space and follow all progress on the Fluid kiteboarding Social media pages! 


Fluid kiteboarding Marieke