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XTR TWOSEVEN - 2022 / 2023
THe most popular big air / freeride / freestyle board in our line-up the TWOSEVEN XTR!  Full carbon for those who demand the absolute best performance of their board.  The Twoseven XTR is specifically designed to Gilion’s riding standard.  Fast, Extreme, creative with an insane amount of pop and control.  To reach new heights the riding speed and control has to be perfect.  
The TWOSEVEN XTR is exactly that perfect!  Perfectly balanced in weight, pop, stiffness and control.  The TWOSEVEN XTR is the ultimate high performance board.  Totally unmatched in control, design and way of manufacturing.

The TWOSEVEN XTR is just 2.4KG in weight which is almost 14% lighter than the Twoseven.  If you demand something special the Twoseven XTR is exactly that.  Full carbon, 3D outer layer,  Real gold, 3D graphics, wood core and our 4X4 inserts to give you that perfect balance to purchase this carbon beast.
If you want to push the limits The Fluid kiteboarding Twoseven XTR is your perfect choice. Ever since Gilion started pushing the limits and breaking big air record after record the Twoseven became an iconic board for big air riding.
We  have been pushing the limits ever since the start of the Fluid kiteboarding brand.  Development and innovation never stops. For 2021 we are pushing the limits of board making again with full carbon and gold on our all time best seller the Twoseven.

13 years ago we came up with the ultimate freestyle / big air board.  With all your feedback and intense testing by our riders, we’ve changed the board over the past years.

Ever since Gilion started pushing the limits and breaking big air record after record the Twoseven became an iconic board for big air riding.

The Twoseven is unique in many ways!  No other brand has anything like our Twoseven XTR!  The Twoseven blackseries took kiteboard production to a whole other level! The XTR is pushing beyond believe 

The outline is exactly like the TWOSEVEN but the TWOSEVEN XTR is as the name suggest more extreme.  The Twoseven XTR is stiff but has enough flex to give you smooth and soft landings. Our 3D flex zones regulate the impact and flex. The Twoseven  is perfect for any rider out there that wants to push their limits!  The Carbon fiber increases the pop to a new level.  The Board can now hold more energy which will be released back to you on a pop.

We believe every person is unique, your style, your riding, your presence so why not your kiteboard? Not one single board of the Twoseven XTR  looks exactly alike.

Now available in GOLD / White / carbon
ORANGE / Carbon

Deck onlyDeck + Handle + FinsComplete

Handle (18CM)


MAX 2 Bindings


Board cover

3 Year warranty 


XTR Twoseven - 2022 / 2023


Top of the line performance requires top of the line materials. Carbon makes the Twoseven XTR as light as we can go while making it stiff and super strong. Creating a board that performs like no other.


At the edge of the board there is a small gap in the rail. This reduces the amount of facial spray to a minimum. No more red eyes after an insane session.


Unique to all Fluid kiteboarding boards are our 4X4 insters. Angle the bindings to your needs! Not to that demanded angle by the brand. 4 inserts on each side of the binding give you unlimited options.More duck, more goovy, it's all up to you!


Unique! The absolute best way to stand out is having something that nobody else has. Having real gold in your board and rail is definitely one way. The XTR contains the most GOLD in our boards to date!


A special layer under the top sheet. Giving your board that "Glow". You can't really see it when the board is dry but when you make the board wet that special glow comes out.
Making it easier to spot your board as well.


An additional layer of protective foil will keep your board looking fresh for longer. Protecting the internal structure of UV and scratches. On the top side we have our special feather structure giving the board grip and looks on the deck itself. Great when doing boardoffs!


XTR TWOSEVEN - 2021-2022

  • Style

    High performance freestyle

  • Core

    Wood + Carbon

  • Rail thickness

    3.6 - 4mm

  • Flex

    Stiff ++

  • Special features

    Real gold flakes | Unicorn dust | Full carbon

  • Bindings


  • Available sizes

    134x40.5 | 136x41 138x42

  • Launch date

     10 MARCH 2022

  • Weight 


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