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Fluid kiteboarding Fins 3.5CM are the best fins for those who demand high performance grip and a playful board. Very little amount of drag due to the aquadynamic shape. Asymmetrical  fins are flat on the inside and curved on the outside. generating suction when riding.  The faster you go the more grip you'll get.
Made of super strong G10 material which ensures your fins will last long!  Even when you hit the bottom those fins won't break.  G10 resin is super strong!!

3.8CM screw hole distance (industry standard)
This makes the 4.5 Fluid kiteboarding fins universal to all boards that have a normal fin system.  (2 screws and washers)
Hole size M6 

- Fins only 
- Fins set - includes a set of fins,  8 washers and 8 M6 stainless steel screws.

Type of fin:
Universal  Allround |  Freeride | Freestyle  | wakestyle

Grip level


Set of 4 fins

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