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The Sky is not the limit! That was the idea when we designed the first Fluid kiteboarding SKY.  This High performance kite will take you to new heights with ease.

The SKY SE  is lighter and faster than the SKY v4. 
Making this the best boosting kite we've ever made. 

On demand lift to get you to new heights! No matter what your level is, Every session is an opportunity to go bigger than ever.

 The SKY SE is a  one of a kind 5 strut high performance kite that delivers an incredible riding experience for all level of riders.

Easy relaunch,  amazing upwind performance,  smooth power delivery and an insane windrange.   

When designing the SKY SE we wanted to increase the riding experience. Making it easier to set up and still have the benefits of an adjustable angle of attack and  turning speed. 

The SKY feels light on the bar and is very easy to handle. Making it suitable to ride for hours and hours!  

We've also redesigned our reinforcements so that the kite is now stronger than ever before. 


Be the first to fly the new Fluid kiteboarding SKY SE for an amazing price.

Delivery +- 1st week july 2023

Available sizes: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12

Line setup: 4 lines (equal length)


SE - BLACK / WHITE with gold print

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