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XTR 2 - 2024

Change is here!  In every meaning of those words!  A totally renewed design for the XTR 2.
A new top and base shape, new rocker, new channels, new special effects and a renewed layup. Combine all those new features with the proved outline and you will know the XTR 2 Twintip is as special as it looks. 

The TWOSEVEN XTR 2!  Perfectly balanced in weight, pop, stiffness and control. Designed for all those riders who love to push themselves every session. New tricks, new heights and progression awaits.  We’ve added new channels to the base to give you even more control in all conditions. From chop control to extreme landings the XTR 2 has got you covered.  
No matter the conditions you are in and how powered you ride.

If you want to push the (or your) limits The Fluid kiteboarding XTR 2 is the perfect choice.

We don’t even know how to tell you, how special this board is but we can guarantee you that you’ll love it.

We have been pushing the limits ever since the start of the Fluid kiteboarding.  Development and innovation never stops. The XTR 2 has many new features.

The new channels on the tips will guide the water into the deep grip channels on your toe and heelside.  Giving you more control than ever before. You can now ride faster and edge harder due to the new rocker. We've switched from a 3 stage to a now continuous Rocker, More speed and more control will definitely make you go beyond what you think was possible.

We’ve kept the outline with the spray reduction tips.  The tip shape prevents water from splashing up into your eyes.  Making it much more comfortable to ride for hours and hours.

The XTR 2 is unique in many ways!  No other brand has anything like our Twoseven XTR 2!  

And for the extra special effect?  It changes color!

We've told you, Change is HERE!

Deck onlyDeck + Handle + FinsComplete
XTR 2 Board

Handle (18CM)


MAX 2 Bindings


Board cover

3 Year warranty 



  • Style

    High performance freestyle

  • Core

    Wood + Basalt fiber + Carbon

  • Rail thickness

     4 mm

  • Flex

    Stiff +-

  • Special features

    Real gold flakes | Unicorn dust | Full carbon

  • Bindings


  • Available sizes

    134x40.5 | 136x41 138x42

  • Launch date

    PRE ORDER - 5 JULY 2023

  • Weight 

    ~ 2.4KG

Color change is subjective

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