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Get ready to make progression!  Progress into the next level of riding with our new Cross-over twintip PRGRS.
A kiteboard designed for modern day kitesurfing. With kitesurfing getting more and more explosive and riders pushing the sport to new heights every day. It was time for us to come up with a do it all twintip. Fluid kiteboarding PRGRS is here!

The PRGRS is a Cross-over twintip. Whether you just want a smooth board for cruising around or a kiteboard with massive pop for unhooked & big air tricks. The PRGRS does it all.

PRGRS has been designed to perfectly align with the Fluid AIR kite. A do it all kite meets up with a do it all board.

2 massive grip channels on the base give the PRGRS an unmatched solid feel on the water when edging.  Due to the contentious rocker line the PRGRS feels very smooth and skatey when riding.  The rocker line also allows the board to ride with incredible speeds. 

We’ve added special channels on the tips of the board, to direct the water into the grip channels.  By pushing water into the grip channels the PRGRS twintip becomes incredibly stable. 

With ease you can jump to new heights, as the PRGRS really helps you to edge & pop perfect every time. Due to the ingenious top design the tips are allowed to move separately. We call this torsion control. Giving the board a smoother feel and better grip at each fin.

Every style and every rider will enjoy the PRGRS.  From beginners to pro!

A board that meets your needs now and for the years to come.  Easy upwind due to the progressive shape,  Smooth landings due the rocker, unmatched pop due to the angled fins and gripchannels on the base. We could go on and on about why the PRGRS is the perfect pick.

It’s very simple this kiteboard will serve everybody.

If you are into technical stuff.
The PRGRS is made with a special fiberglass layup.  Giving the board the flex and the stiffness to give it an unmatched character.
- Reinforced pads area with a bit more glass under the heels.
- 2X2 inserts giving you multiple options for setting your bindings. 
- ICP Glossy top sheet
- ICP Matt base sheet

You can see the actual core trough the top sheet and bottom sheet!  We love this classic style of our logo.

Fluid kiteboarding PRGRS a board that will not disappoint! 

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