SKY SE - Which setting should i use


The SKY is a super versatile kite.  With multiple settings to adjust the kite to your liking. 
On this page you can find all the settings and the combination that work the best in our opinion.  Whether you are boosting big or prefer a more forward angle of attack.  The SKY will get you going.

First you need to know the differences between each setting on the angle of attack setting.
Rocket mode
Foil Mode  (recommended)


sky se rocket setting



It’s very tempting to set your kite directly to Rocket mode when you recieve it. We highly recommend you to read this manual first. 

With the Rocket setting you are setting the Angle of attack right on the edge of what is possible.  Maximizing your boost, go higher than ever!

As you will be working on a maximized angle of attack the kite will be more sensitive to backstall.


  • Maximized Boosts
  • More power
  • More grunt


  • More sensitive to backstall.
  • requires more skill of rider.
  • Less upwind performance.


Setting up

The best combinations



  • Bottom knot on steering line pigtail.
  • ROCKET setting
  • GO super high without oversheeting the kite.


  • TOP knot on steering line pigtail
  • Rocket setting
  •  MAXIMUM BOOST – more sensitive to backstall



The Foil setting.  Our recommended setting for most riders!  We agree a different icon could work too.  But it’s super smooth sailing with this setting.

With the Foil setting you are setting the Angle of attack right is more forward.  Making the kite more stable and more friendly.

As you will be working further away from the maximum angle of attack you will need to set the backlines a bit more tight.




  • More stable
  • Easier riding
  • More hangtime / upwind performace


  • Less powerful
  • Softer feel

Setting up

The best combinations



  • TOP knot on  steeringline pigtail
  • Foil  setting
  • Most hangtime + upwind performace.


  • Bottom knot on steeringline pigtail
  • Foil setting
  • limits the amount of power in the kite. 
  • adding a bit of highend.

Turning speed & Barpressure

The Sky has 3 additional settings on  the wingtip. Adjusting those settings will give your kite either more or less bar pressure and it will adjust the turning speed.

  • V1  – On absolute wingtip 
  • Maximum turning speed
  • Minimal bar pressure
  • Kite pivots around a .
  • V2  – The middle setting
  • Medium  turning speed
  • Medium bar pressure
  • kite pivots around a o
  • V3  – Furthest from tip
  • less turning speed
  • More bar pressure
  • kite pivots around a O

We highly recommend the V1 Wingtip setting for the sizes 10 and 12.

For heavy riders we recommend to adjust this setting to V2 on sizes 9 – 8 and 7.

Remember the wider the kite pivots the more radical the kiteloops.

Which knot to use on the pigtail.

The final and most important step is setting up the Kite on the top or bottom knot.
This small change can actually make or break your session and will determine the feel you have with the kite.

It’s very important that your bar is set correctly. As your lines may shrink over time we cannot recommend 1 setting to be perfect for eacht rider.  We highly recommend to play around with the correct knots and right setting for your kite.

Use those rules of thumb when you have sufficient stable wind for the kite.


  • move down 1 knot.

Slow response or no feeling:

  • Move up 1 knot