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Love the sport as much as we do?  And you want uncompromised freeriding and fun.  The ATV and X will give you an absolute fantastic kiteset.  Ideal for beginners, freeriders and all who just want to have a great session with some jumps and comfortable riding. 
A perfect kiteboard playful , easy to handle, soft pads. Combine that with thesmoothness of the ATV kite! You will make more progression and have more fun than others that's for sure.

Fluid X
The Fluid kiteboarding X a true next level Freeride / Allround kiteboard. As the Fluid kiteboarding Twoseven became much more of a high performance freestyle bigair board with Gilion Pushing the limits more and more. We had to add a board to our line-up which combines smooth riding with amazing pop and amazing upwind performance.


The Fluid kiteboarding ATV has been one of the most successful kites we have ever made. A friendly but very fun kite awaits you! For the ATV v9 we’ve updated everything you have asked for!  We’ve increased the responsiveness, turning speed and climb after kiteloops. We’ve also adjusted the Angle of attack for the wave setting so you have even more stable kite when you ride the waves.

As always the ATV is a kite that will give you a ton of confidence to try new things. Whether it’s your first meters on a board or your first huge jumps, the ATV will give you the confidence you need. We have improved the ATV’s overall performance by implementing a new F-tech shape which spreads the load on the canopy even better! The F-tech cross design gives the ATV v9 the best distribution of radial loads on the canopy area. This means your kite is very crash resistant, gust proof and generates more power.

The ATV v9 is the perfect choice for anyone who loves all styles of riding! Just play around with the settings and make it a kite you love! The ATV v9 has adjustable bar pressure / turning speed and Angle of attack settings to make sure it suits everybody.

ATV v9 6M2045+
ATV v9 7M1745+
ATV v9 8M1938
ATV v9 9M1535
ATV v9 10M1327
ATV v9 12M1223

This package includes:
1 - ATV v9
1 - CSG 2 Bar
1 - X '19

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