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Next level allround freeride twintip kiteboard.

The Fluid kiteboarding X a true next level Freeride / Allround kiteboard. As the Fluid kiteboarding Twoseven became much more of a high performance freestyle bigair board with Gilion Pushing the limits more and more. We had to add a board to our line-up which combines smooth riding with amazing pop and amazing upwind performance.

A True allround kiteboard was born! The Fluid kiteboarding X is the smoothest board we have ever ridden! The board has been tested by numerous of riders and all opinions were unanimous! The Fluid X is AMAZING! Next level allround / freeride kiteboard an extreme pop and response due to the new carbon shape! 

A perfect board for everybody who loves freeriding as much as we do!  The carbon X is the perfrect choice for those who like a smooth freeride session with some powered tricks, easy cruising and smooth turns. Flat water, choppy conditions or waves the Fluid kiteboarding Carbon X gives you the smoothest experience ever! All you have to do is add your own style of riding and show them what you can do. 

The Fluid Carbon X is full woodcore has a 3 stage progressive rocker (flat in the middle) which makes it much easier to go upwind. It Also has the advanced 3D Flex tips similar to the Twoseven and comes with a bright red ABS rail so it’s easy to find your board in deep water. After all the Fluid X will make you try new tricks!

The shiny 3D top foil and full wood core with burned graphics on the bottom give the X the timeless look you want.

the Fluid Carbon X comes included with the FL accessories pack and of course you can combine the pads and straps colors to your own style. 

Fluid Kiteboarding Carbon X

FLUID Kiteboarding Carbon X 
133 x 41 CM < 70 KG
135 x 41,5 CM
138 X 42 CM> 87 KG

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