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Lightwind & beginner, allround, fun Freeride  board.
The Fluid kiteboarding Minimalist was introduced last year as a board that truly was something new.  Mix a door with a skimboard and twintip and you’ll have an idea of what the Fluid kiteboarding Minimalist is about.  The Minimalists grip has been improved drasticly to give you the best overall performance.It rides like a twintip, has the low wind benefits of a door and is as smooth and playful as a skimboard. Perfect for beginners, schools and advanced riders that want to ride every minute it’s windy!

The Minimalist woodseries has a new base with 2 grip channels on each side of the rail. The grip channels will help you upwind and keep your board on track.  This makes the Minimalist very easy and fun to ride.  It rides like a twintip so even unhooked  tricks are no problem with this board.  With just a length of 138cm it really feels  like a normal size twintip however you’ll feel that you have much much more low end  due to its width  which is 47cm.

The Minimalist cuts in the water like a knife through butter which results in a very smooth riding experience even when riding in low wind. The upwind performance is amazing even when not ridden perfectly. Perfect for beginners , no more walk of shames for you and your 

progression will be maximized. 

The Minimalist is a full woodcore board and has our 4x4 stainless steel inserts with a weight of just over 3KG it’s a very light board for its size. For this version we chose to use the natural wood with burned graphics!  Using a torch we’re burning the grain of each board!  So yes all boards are unique and none will look exactly the same.  Even the bottom graphic is fully burned into the wood!  The Minimalist Woodseries really gives you a unique connection with Mother Nature!

The Minimalist comes with a normal 4 fin Twintip setup and complete with our amazing Fluid kiteboarding Feather lite accessories.

Fluid Kiteboarding Minimalist 

FLUID Kiteboarding Minimalist 
138 x 47 CMOne size 

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