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World's first cross over kiteboard with real GOLD!

 Fluid kiteboarding starts a new era with the Black label twintip. We’ve seen crossover kites for years now but we now have world’s first crossover twintip kiteboard. The Black label combines epic big air / freeride characteristics with wakestyle performance. Made for anyone who just loves a smooth ride with amazing pop and easy landings.

if that doesn’t impress you we are sure that all the details the BLACK LABEL kiteboard offers will.  Woodcore, 100% basalt fiber, 8 channels, Real gold, see trough rail (lights up when riding in sunlight), 3D stamped foil, bootproof inserts and many more small details you’ll just have to see and feel.  

Yes, we actually said real GOLD! 

We’re adding actual gold in our unique rail and both sides of your BLACK LABEL board. Because the black label is made with basalt fiber it would be hard to spot a black board. By adding the gold flakes it’s very easy to find back your board due to the shimmering the gold creates.
We actually found it easier to find back the black label than the wood series.

Due to our special way of building the Black label kiteboard every single one of the boards is unique. Therefore we make just 100 pcs of this amazing board.  Each number has its own number (1/100, 2/100 etc) and will be registered with Fluid kiteboarding.  In case your board gets lost or stolen we are sure to find your board back! 

Basalt fiber:
Basalt fiber is a material made from extremely fine fibers of basalt, which is composed of the minerals plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine. It is similar to fiberglass, having better physic mechanical properties than fiberglass. Although it looks a lot like carbon it’s actually less stiff than carbon making it a smooth ride for everyone.

The Black label twintip is a kiteboard for everybody who loves to ride and enjoy their session to a maximum. Smooth landings, huge amount of pop, no facial spray, responsive riding,  the rocker line offers excellent early planing abilities, incredible top speeds and outstanding upwind performance.
This is the ultimate kiteboard!

3.5 Asymmetrical - Playful, increased grip on high speed riding, massive pop, ideal for boots and big air riding.
4.5 Standard G10 - Easy control on normal speed,  high grip, responsive with a little more traction.

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