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Fluid kiteboarding 3.0


Fluid kiteboarding was founded in 2007 and taken over by the current owner in 2012. It’s been more than 10 years since we have started Fluid kiteboarding. In our 15th year on the market it’s time to set out a new path.

We introduce to you Fluid kiteboarding 3.0. A Fresh new look, Top of the line product quality and of course our outstanding level of service. Our foundations remain the same as a privately owned company.  We are the greatest value for money kiteboarding company out there.

What the owner says.

It’s always been a dream come true to work in the kitesurfing industry. The best thing is to be at the beach and see you’ve made a real impact.  Making kitesurfing more accessible was and still is the target. Our prices haven’t changed much over the years, keeping it affordable for everyone to try out our amazing sport.

We’ve always been pushing the limits in manufacturing our products. Making our products the greatest value for money you can get.  Our unmatched product quality has been noticed by you and our competitors! Everybody that has tried our products will agree.  We are a true asset to the market. 

Of course there are parts in running a brand that have been done better by our competitors.  Things that have nothing to do with how great our products are. With Fluid kiteboarding 3.0 we are taking all parts to or beyond our competitors levels.  

Believe me if i tell you our name will be everywhere in the next few years.
i’ve always said we are here to stay!  With Fluid kiteboarding 3.0 we are here to take over! 

We can’t do this alone, we need you! 

~ Gilion “Fluid kiteboarding” Goveia

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