Fluid kiteboarding teamrider markos psaltakis

Catching up with Markos


The first half a year of Markos with Fluid kiteboarding and it’s time to catch up with him!  Get up close and personal with Markos our 23 year old  teamrider from Greece. He’s been riding for 6 years and just got his first International sponsorship with Fluid kiteboarding in 2021. 


Why kiteboarding?

When I kite I feel like I am free, and the rush I get performing each trick is insane! Being up in the air so high and seeing everything below look so small is something not many people get to experience.  I think its really cool. Theres also an unlimited number of combinations and rotations in the air which makes every session really fun. There is always something new to learn.


What are your goals in kiteboarding?
A couple of goals I have are to enter some more big air competitions, after my first one I cant wait to compete again. I also want to perfect my backroll board off kiteloop, and continue to ride in as many of the amazing spots across the world as I can.

Markos psaltakis on the Fluid kiteboarding XTR


Your first competition, where was it and how did it go?
It was down in Mexico where i was  teaching this winter.  I ended up making it to the semi finals! Unfortunately the wind dropped a lot in that heat so it was a bit harder to get real height and perform my tricks. But The equipment its reliable and makes you feel confident while riding. I was riding the competition with the Sky v4 8 and 9 meters and the control I had over the kite was incredible, and the power these kites gave me even in light winds. Just perfect.


Is Mexico your favourite Destination?
No it’s not..

I have been to many nice spots that I could put on my favourites, but the game changer is definitely Cape town. This spot is so extreme, the wind is strong and consistent, and has huge waves you can use as kickers. The wind is great, but so is the company, everyone there is ready to push you to the next level which gets you so pumped to get onto the water. I can’t wait to be flying Fluid there later this year!


You seem to be getting a LOT of hangtime out of those sky v4’s. Which settings do you recommend riders to use?

there are so many options you can go for  and really adjust it to the best setting for each style of riding.

The sky V4 is definitely the kite that makes you fly (forever), The settings I use when I want to go big is the both lines on the first (+) setting closest to the tip. This make the kite more responsive and so it allows me to move the kite faster. 
Perfect for kiteloops in stronger winds.
I’m also using the More power setting on the steeringline it makes a huge difference on both power and reaction speed.

For my big air set up 

Kite: Sky v4 9M On FAST (+) / Rocket mode / MORE POWER

Bar: CSE 


Board: TWOSEVEN XTR  138


What can we expect from you in 2022??
I’ve just returned to Greece and will 2022 is the year that I’m gonna push my limits and show everyone what fluid kites can do. I have a season kiting in Greece coming up this summer where I want to go higher than ever, ready to send it in Cape town this winter



Any last words?

Just try the SKY and you’ll love it.