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X 2020

Fluid kiteboarding X 2020 - woodseries

The Fluid kiteboarding X designed for those who love to cruize and jump around. Smooth is a best word to describe the Fluid X 2020. This year we met up with a new designer (Malena Harig) to give the X the look that matches the ridingstyle of this board. The Fluid X is an allround freeride board with a little freestyle character. This makes is a very easy board for everyone. Riding upwind,playing in the waves and doing some amazing oldschool moves.The full woodcore makes it a super smooth board that has amazing pop too.

A perfect board for beginners who want their own set and those who like a smooth freeride session with some tricks, easy cruising and smooth turns.
Flat water, choppy conditions or waves the Fluid kiteboarding X gives you the smoothest experience ever! All you have to do is add your own style of riding and show them what you can do. The more inexperienced riders and beginners will benefit from a very easy to control board and the grip channels keep you upright in all conditions. No more sliding around without any control.

The Fluid X is full woodcore has a 3 stage progressive rocker (flat in the middle) which makes it much easier to go upwind. Has the advanced 3D Flex tips similar to the Twoseven and comes with a amazing graphics, so it’s easy to find your board in the water. After all the Fluid X will make you try new tricks!

The new 3D top foil and full wood core with the new graphics on the top andbottom give the X the timeless look you want.

The Fluid kiteboarding X has been designed for those who want a smooth riding experience. Just cruising around and having fun on the water. The Fluid X is so smooth you can ride it for hours and hours, The best thing is you will be able to have an amazing time on it and it doesn't matter wether you are a beginner or intermdiate rider. The X will give you the feeling you are floating on the water.

The Fluid X will give you a very smooth riding experience and makes everything feel very smooth and playfull. It will cut trough chop like no other!

The Fluid X is perfect for allround Freeriding and will perform at it's best in choppy conditions and in waves. With the Grip channels it's very easy to make smooth turns. Airtransitions and oldschool trick.

The Fluid X is perfect for learning! As the board is nice and wide and very easy to handle this board is just every kiteboarders dream. Especially those who like a smooth session over a highly powered up session like some people do.
For beginners

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