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M.A.X Bindings

Universal Comfortable EVA Bindings.
M.a.x bindings 2020 - Fluid kiteboarding

M.A.X Bindingsthe absolute best bindings on the market. The molded EVA shape with soft EVA lay-ins on critical areas give the rider the feeling they are floating on air.
With the MAX bindings we're introducing a new binding that will maximize your performance and comfort.  Our double padded straps are now twice as thick and will give you the ultimate connection to your board. No more slipping and sliding out of your bindings. The top layer has a diamond structure on the toe and heelside maximize your grip. The MAX bindings are made of the highest quality materials.

At critical areas we’ve adjusted the design to keep your feet in place when jumping. The toe ridge and heel cup will keep that board on your feet at all time! The soft strap push your feet gently onto the strap to give you the ultimate board experience.  The new base plate has 5 angled slots on both sides of the pads, this way you can adjust the angle to your liking. Due to this baseplate the M.A.X bindings will fit on any twintip. 
The straps can be set on 4 different slots. More towards the toes or more towards the heels. You've also got the option to make the strap more flat or higher depending on your foot.

Set your bindings as you like them
The MAX Premium strap is an adjustable and very easy to mount strap. With our Easy lock system aligning and mounting your straps has never been easier. A perfect fit for any foot with or without booties. The straps are made of a thick double padded EVA core which presses your feet down to the pads. This way your board won't go flying when making jumps.

The soft cloth feels very pleasant and won't wear on your skin! Your sessions can be endless. Adjusting the strap couldn't be easier, just open the double velcro straps on top. Pull the strap up on both sides and pull tight on both ends. Your strap has the perfect fit now. Adjust the straps as many times as you like riding with or without booties is no problem.

Fluid kiteboarding - Black label premium - Bindings


+ The best bindings your feet can wish for.

Fluid kiteboarding - Black label premium - handle


+ The best bindings your feet can wish for.
+ 3.5CM G10 Asymatrical cupped fins (Set).

Fluid kiteboarding - Black label premium - Fins


+ The best bindings your feet can wish for.
+ 3.5CM G10 Asymatrical cupped fins
+ 18CM EVA Handle