Fluid kiteboarding
since 2007

Our Story

Fluid kiteboarding is based in the Netherlands since 2013. Our name has been around ever since 2007! Professional big air kitesurfer Gilion "Fluid kiteboarding" Goveia took the wheel in 2013 bringing Fluid kiteboarding to a totally new level. Changing the vision of the brand, increasing the quality and lowering the prices!

Fluid kiteboarding boardoff kitesurfing ilja huner photo by sunset


Fluid kiteboarding has always been a progressive company leading some of the biggest innovations in kitesurfing history. For example the torque (flat bow) in 2007, the EGO as the world’s first open C kite in 2009! In 2014 we took building kites to a whole new level by building our kites with F-tech.
And to top everything off our owner Gilion was the first in the world to jump over 20m on the WOO device and the first in the world to reach 20m on 3 seperate devices (xensr, piq, woo).
How's that for pushing the sport.

Fluid kiteboarding boardoff kitesurfing ilja huner photo by
Fluid kiteboarding boardoff kitesurfing ilja huner photo by trick


The most important year in The Fluid kiteboarding history. A fresh new look, new products and a new direction for The Fluid kiteboarding brand. Inspired by the pandemic in 2020 where we were pushed to our limits.
We got trough it with ease due to our financial health.

Did you know Fluid kiteboarding has been built by the owner and has 0% borrowed money or investments. The company has been built entirely on hard work, riders who believe in our products and the best service to the market. Fluid kiteboarding is a healthy company which is made to last.

2021 is the year we take it up with the big boys. why would you spend your money on insanely overpriced products when you can have something better for half the price?
we believe in honest products. Honest to you and the environment.

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Our Vision

Our goal is to make the highest quality products for an affordable price and add that eco-friendly methods to all our products. As everyone works very hard for their money it’s important to us they get the most out of every dime they spend. We are producing our kites in one of the world’s biggest kite factories and our boards are 100% handmade built to last! Reducing the amount CO² to a minimum. We never overstock so Clearence sales are never happening.

“We’ve been pushing the limits for kiteboarding since our start in 2007. Now it’s our time to step out of the darkness and show our creative and innovative ways.”

~ Gilion Goveia 

Owner of Fluid kiteboaridng

Fluid kiteboarding team rider

What we've been up to



Fluid kiteboarding was started by Australian Steve Dyson. using an official wingshape by the Legaignoux borthers.


Owner change

After years of being the board designer for Fluid kiteboarding Gilion Goveia takes over the wheel from Steve dyson. A young rider (24) leading the company to new heights.


Gilion breaks the WoO worldrecord

Gilion shows to the world what the Fluid kiteboarding kites can do.


Becoming a big boy

A new direction for the brand. Bigger, better staying true to our origin.


First Bridled C kite

The market evolves and so does Fluid kiteboarding with the birth of the EGO kite. Kitesurfing evolves to a more extreme and demanding sport.


F-tech introduction

Innovating the kites with an additional dacron frame.



The market is changing. Big air kiteboarding is becoming super popular and we want to break records again. Introducing the big air kite. SKY.


Going green

We want to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. With our new wooden kiteboards we are going "Green". Less chemicals used and a more natural look and feel.


New Factory

We want to move forward with more power. A new factory for our kites and boards! Making delivery faster and improving the quality of our products to the best of the market.

15+ Years Of Experience

We are using only the most experienced people in the industry to develop and make our products.

Care For Customers

We are known for our amazing customer support and we will stick to this philosophy.


Investing in Fluid kiteboarding has been rewarding for all. We have been growing ever since we started.