"Gilion Goveia of Fluid Kiteboarding is on a quest – a quest for a World Record in Kiteboard jump height. - XENSR "

You might have already seen it on the web but massive news or better said a massive jump by Gilion Goveia again!  50-70KTS hit the coast of the Netherlands on November 20th 2016. A perfect opportunity to break some records!  Heavy rain,  salt, spray and tons of sand in the air just the conditions you want to stay at home in.

ATV v7 - Gilion

Gilion and his buddies went to Ijmuiden, (NL) launching the ATV v7 6m in 70KTS gusts is pretty insane if you tell us.  Thick metal panels of a restaurant on the beach were bending by the force of the wind. Gilion launched his kite and went out. The pressure on the kite was just too much and it was pretty much impossible to ride properly.
After a short wait and the gusts still at 64 kts Gilion went for another spin! He turned on his 2 Xensr Air devices and went at it again. This time with success as the kite was much more controllable due to the gust being 10 kts difference instead of 20.

A few jumps / minutes into the session and there it was a massive boost taking Gilion up 20.36 (66,8ft) / 20.12 Meters (66ft)!  A new Worldrecord on the Xensr devices. You may think there are guys jumping higher on the WOO/PIQ and that might be true. However WOO & PIQ can’t be used for an official registration due to the lack of GPS and some other criteria. 
ATV v7 - Gilion

Take the 28.1M Gilion got earlier this year for example. It’s very hard to proof that the reading is correct with just 1 device registering. 
Therefore double the devices (under 1% difference) + video are the way to go if you want to make it official.
All in all we are super stoked!

Gear used
Kite:  ATV v7  6m
bar:  V-bar 48cm
board: Twoseven 130 Woodseries
measurement: Xensr AIR  (2x)