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  • Fluid Kiteboarding v-bar
  • Fluid Kiteboarding V-BAR
fluid kiteboarding ATV v7

Fluid kiteboarding V-BAR

Short description

The Fluid kiteboarding V-bar has been redesigned to the wishes of our riders.  It is time for the next generation Fluid kiteboarding bars v-bar combines the simplicity of the CS Series bars with a high quality built and more advanced swivel and qr system.  Making it the best bar we have ever built and one of the best bars out there.  If you like a clean simple system with an amazing design than the V-bar is the bar for you.

V-bar combines 4 line simplicity with safety.  A single front line safety system can be activated by pulling up / pushing away the new NUKE Quick release system.  The NUKE has been designed by a famous French guy who’s been in the kitesurfing scene for years.  Using his expertise on this super safe and easy to use system.  Once activated the kite will immediately lose all its power and you’ll be safe or just reassemble your NUKE, this will give you the opportunity to easily continue your session.

The v-bar comes with a simple 24m 4 line color-coded setup. With an additional ‘wrong way’ warning on the centerpiece it is one of the safest bars out there for any beginner. The softbarends make it a perfect tool for any freestyle / wakestyle riders with no sharp part on your bar.


Compatible with

  • ATV V4, V5, V6,V7
  • EGO V3, V4, V5, V6
  • AIR V2, V3
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    More information

    Fluid ATV v7 Windrange
    Kitesize in m2 Bar Lenght in cm
    6 48
    7 48
    8 48
    9 56 / 48
    10 56 / 48
    12 56
    14 56

    Every V-bar comes with a 1m long Fluid kiteboarding Leash.

    Fluid kiteboarding V-BAR pictures